Raw Corn, Avocado, & Heirloom Tomato Salad

August 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Growing up, I never had soda or a Whopper or even fries. My uber health conscious mother banned me from ever eating fast food and discouraged me from eating sweets. To her, dessert is a fruit platter, or 1/6 of a cheesecake slice, and dinner is a steamed fish with rice and vegetables.

This ran in direct opposition to my father, who simply loved to eat for the sake of it. He attributes it to the fact that he was always starving when he was growing up, so when he finally came to America, he couldn’t help himself when he was surrounded by food so cheap and plentiful and delicious. When my mother wasn’t looking, he would sneak us a whole duck and the two of us would finish it before she saw it, chomping through the entire one-fourth of an inch of pure duck fat. One of my favorite recipes of his involved putting an entire chicken into a rice cooker, along with a package of “chicken powder”.

Only later did I realize that the package of powder that I was sprinkling all over the chicken was pure MSG! His health objectives were…questionable, to say the least. in any case, it was a good thing that I inherited his iron stomach and metabolism like a hyper black hole.

I have always thought my mother’s eating habits to be a little too health conscious, for what can a brownie once in a while really do? You would think they were menacing terrorists the way she speaks of brownies. But maybe her habits hold some truth. In the past month, I have gotten sick for the first time in a while, and I have been feeling tired and sluggish. And what did I have for dinner that week? Curly fries, and Chipotle burritos, and then more curly fries…

So! This upcoming week I have decided to be extremely healthy. Some of you might be wondering what could possibly be healthier than veganism. What does a vegan person eat when they want to be a healthier? They transition to RAW food. Instead of Wanda, I will be RAWda! (say that last line with an ominous rumble in your throat.)

For those of you unfamiliar to raw diets, some foodists believe that the healthiest way to eat your food is to eat them without heating them up. That way, the vitamins and antioxidants and other health benefits in your food don’t get degraded or washed away in the cooking process.

Now I am not sure that I fully buy into that argument, but there are some great things about a raw diet. Raw food does make you feel healthier, like you are some sort of yoga junkie except you don’t even have to exercise! Also, raw food is mostly gluten free, so you can share with all your gluten free friends. You also don’t have to cook, and as much as I love cooking, I do admit there are nights when I am too lazy to cook.

Raw Corn, Avocado, and Heirloom Tomato Salad
serves 1-2 | prep time: 5 minutes
This salad is perfect when all the ingredients are at their peak in the heat of the summer. If you have never tried raw corn, it is sweet as candy and the plump kernels burst into your mouth. The avocado balances out the zing of the salad with a nice buttery mouthfeel. Despite the fact that it is just a salad, the ingredients are fulfilling enough to act as a lunch or a light dinner. And it’s super pretty to boot.

– 2 ears sweet corn
– 1 avocado
– 1 large heirloom tomato, or 2 small ones
– 1/4 red onion
– 2 sprigs cilantro
– 1 lime
– salt + pepper

1. Cut the corn kernels off of the ears of corn. To do this, carefully cut the kernels lengthwise off of one side. Then, you can set this perfectly horizontal base onto the cutting board for stability and keep cutting. Rotate the corn and  keep cutting the corn kernels off until there are none left.
2. Cut the avocado into chunks.
3. Cut the tomato into chunks.
4. Chop up the cilantro and the red onion.
5. Mix all of this together with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of salt and pepper! Enjoy!


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  • Anonymous says:

    This post is polar opposite of your last one. But they are both oh so yummy. I had the best beefsteak tomatoes grown in my friends garden the other day. And cute little oranges one too. I can’t wait to see you again soon!

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