What’s Wanda Doing in Hong Kong?

January 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

Not updating her blog on time, that’s what. Oops. But today, I should like to focus on my favorite haunts in Hong Kong. By favorites, I do not mean that they are the best things to ever try in Hong Kong, because no one could possibly eat everything there is to eat in Hong Kong, and gosh I’ve tried, but that’s like trying to read every book in the world; it can’t happen because more ideas keep spasming their way into reality! But these restaurants are pretty darn tasty.

When I wake up, I like to go to the Happy Cake Shop, at 106 Queens Road East, Wan Chai, HK for my morning bread, when I’m not busy eating cookies for breakfast. I like them because the owners don’t really seem all that happy, and they don’t really sell much cake. I also like them because I always get the raisin bread, and apparently their bakers are very stingy on the raisins and sometimes your raisin bread won’t even have a single raisin in it. So the days that your raisin bread has three raisins it in, oh boy, do you feel like a star! Also, bread is so very very fluffy and cheap.

Lunchtime! is 30 minutes after breakfast time, in my perfect world. In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve been to 麗姐廚房 (Liza Veggies) at 2/F Harvard Comm. Building, 105-111 Thomson Road, Wanchai, HK four times! Go here for lunch, and you can pick a meal with 3 sides, unlimited rice, and a soup for the low price of $45 HK (little over $5 USD). Yay! And the owner is uncommonly nice, going to every table and asking how the food is going on a slow day.

Second lunchtime! is after lunchtime! Actually, you should have no lunch or breakfast before this next one, because it’s a vegetarian BUFFET! I think I may be hyperventilating from the excitement. This restaurant is called E-Vege Restaurant located at 288 Hennessy Road, Wanchai and provides you an all-you-can-eat buffet all day and all night. They have vegetarian roast duck, skewered barbequed chicken, steamed buns, eggplants, little dimsum things, and so much more. Today’s population at the restaurant consisted mainly of about 25 extremely buff and muscular, extremely hot women all in matching skin tight V-necks, cargo pants, and military style boots. Life is good…

My camera broke the other day because I was excitedly telling someone a story and knocked it off the table. It’s going to go to the camera emergency room when I get back to America, but I think it’s dead. Should I get a Rebel? Anyways, long story short, no pictures of E-Vege, but trust me when I say that there are so many varieties there that you could not possibly eat them all…but I can!

Want to hear tips on how to eat everything at a buffet from a master?  1) Remember to stretch your stomach a few hours beforehand, so drink plenty of hot tea with something that has a lot of volume but not a lot of calories (like melons or grapes).  2) Don’t drink soup at a buffet, unless you really like soup, because it’s a waste of space. On the same track, don’t drink water. 3) Eat really really fast for the first 20-30 minutes, because your brain takes about that long to figure out it’s full. You will feel pain later. I’m pretty sure that’s what it feels like to be pregnant.

You should also go to Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant at 1/F 395 Kings Road. Some of the food is a little sauce heavy, but the star of the show is the minced ginger on top of fresh rolled yuba skin! So delicate!

Other Things I Recommend:

– watching a movie with your cousin and then going to a candy store and then shopping for shoes and cell phone accessories while eating candy out of a bag. Ah, such a pre-teen way to spend the day!

– eating jook with yiu tiu for breakfast; it’s like having a savory donut with rice porridge…yum. Who says donuts and soup don’t go well together?

– If you’re thirsty, make sure to stop by a fruit stand. Some fruit stands (not all though) will feature a juicer and will offer freshly squeezed juice of any variety that you can think of. My mom likes the sugarcane juice, but I’m partial to the freshly squeezed orange or the blended mango.

– Eat roasted chestnuts! I have a unique ability to smell them 3 blocks away, so I can always find chestnuts to eat when I’m hungry. Which is always.

PS. This is the last of the travel posts for now! (See the two others here and here.) I’m going back to America tomorrow, sadly enough for my stomach. Next week will feature a regular recipe post, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the change of pace. If you like them, I will do travel posts for all my travels!


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