And The Asian Comes Out

August 11, 2011 § 5 Comments

Gosh, this is hard for me to admit. I’ve hidden it from you for so long, I just don’t know where to begin. Here goes:

I’m a high functioning…bento box addict.  I’m cured, I swear! I just couldn’t help but make a bento box today; I had everything going against me. It’s in my genes, my friend bought me an adorable orange bento box, my friend’s mom gave me a beautiful wrapping cloth, I got back my fish mold (more on that later), and they’re just so goddamn CUTE!

Those are pandas!

Back in high school,  I was completely addicted to bento box making. It was terrible! I made them in the morning for myself with these bento boxes that were not waterproof, so by lunchtime, my backpack would be weirdly moist and smelly. To top it off, I spent so long decorating my bento that I would always be late to the bus stop, so I would have to race the bus to the next bus stop. While those sprints later proved useful for track (it was very nearly 300m from stop to stop), they were devastating for the bento box because it would always get smushed to an amorphous and not adorable clump.

Cherry on top of the whipped cream, I made a bento for my then-boyfriend, who scarfed it down in a matter of seconds and proclaimed it, “tasty.” TASTY?? Did you not see the completely adorable potato stars, or the little macaroni & cheese balls, or the cookies cut into teensy dime-sized hearts?! You should be writing verses in iambic pentameter about how fetching and artful yet dainty and playful it is!

So I quit, as many half-hearted artists do when there is a dearth of praise, no flurry of applause, and not a single love ballad to show for all the hard work. I stopped my bento box habit cold-turkey. But now, just this one time, just one more.

My fish mold, which I promised I would talk about, was nowhere to be seen for a couple of months. Then my friend returned from the land down under and apparently it had been hiding out in her apartment all lonely-like. Anyways, it’s a mold that’s supposed to make hardboiled eggs shaped like fish, but you and I can do it with tofu. TOFU SHAPED LIKE FISH!! C’mon, guys, if that’s not exciting, I am at a loss for what is. I also have a racecar one (yeah, aren’t you  jealous, palindromic tofu).

No recipe today, because they’re just rice balls and a lemon tart recipe that I posted before and cut-up oranges. Also, I have to end this post short because someone is looking over my shoulder and saying things like “remon tart” and “lice balls” to me…


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